The A5 experience, East meets West

In conjunction with Rib Racks BBQ Rubs and Sauces we have secured something special…..including a very unique venue location by our good friends Cupid Catering.


Join us for a very rare opportunity to try for the first time in Western Australia, some famous Japanese A5 Brisket. 

So why A5?

A5 is the highest mark wagyu can score, quite simply its the best of the best, winning gold at last years Japanese Beef Awards.

With the help of Mondo Butchers Bulk Meat Osborne Park, these briskets were located on the East Coast so we had them flown over – It’s now time to share them.

So what did we have?


*Main Meal showcasing the A5 brisket versus a 9+ marble score 2GR brisket for comparison along with sides and other proteins.(Yes your going to be full and hit a meat coma)


*2 hour drink package which includes – Craft Beer, Soft drinks and Sparkling water

Full Cash Bar will also be running for those that want to celebrate further with Spirits and Wine.

This intimate event is limited to just 20 available tickets – Simply PM us and we will provide you with payment details.



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