Backyard BBQ Basics for Charity

  • Backyard BBQ Basics for Charity

Just starting out in backyard BBQ??
Need some help with your BBQ skills or just want to come along and feast?

Here’s a BBQ class with a difference !!
We are hosting a Backyard BBQ Basics for Charity event on Sunday 18th April
In Melville heights meat supply backyard along with the award winning crews from Rib Racks Barbeque & Slow N Smokey BBQ and of course ourselves.

This will be a once only event , so don’t miss out!!

The aim of the course is to show beginners everything from lighting and maintaining cooking temps on several different types of BBQ’s from your basic Weber/bullet smokers all the way through to a massive trailer offset smoker that runs purely on Jarrah.
We will be starting the day off with brisket burgers for breakfast and showing you various types of basic butchering skills throughout the day all with a hands on approach, from trimming briskets , pork ribs , chicken preparation etc…
Different techniques will be used including reverse searing of steaks, hot and fast cooks on all of the BBQ’S.

We will keep you fed throughout the day so whatever you do , do not eat breakfast beforehand, wearing loose clothing and stretch pants would be advisable 🤣

The crew from Ribs N pigs BBQ will be cooking a whole pig in their la caja china box😋

So….If you are interested in learning the art of charcoal BBQ whilst supporting a great cause, please click on the page link and then click on the try booking section at the top for payment.

The course will cost $150 per person and LIMITED TO 50 TICKETS with ALL proceeds from the day for Cancer Council via the Shitbox rally, hope that we see you all there👍

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